Contemporary Dance (EN)

Daniella Preap
26. Juni 2024
19:30 -21:00 Uhr

A contemporary dance class with Daniella Preap: warm up, technical training, choreography, improvisation, cool down and meditation. 

Starting with a gentle warm up, we prepare our bodies to work with the floor, to give and receive weight, to increase body sensitivity and awareness. In the technical part of the class we'll be learning elements of the floor work and how to execute them in the most comfortable and injury free way.
After that we will combine some of the elements into dynamic combinations improving the flow and learn a choreography piece. Following improvisation tasks are made for self exploration and self expression. Without any right or wrong, we learn to enjoy and accept our own movement. To cool down at the end we'll do a gentle stretching and meditation.

Location: Bewegungsraum
Price: donation/sliding scale
Contact: daniellapreap(at)

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