TwerXout Workshop (EN)

15. Juni 2024
15:15 -18:45 Uhr

Twerking is a dance style derived off Mapouka, an Ivorian dance born in the 1990s. A censorship ban of the dance style by the government of Côte d'Ivoire contributed to the popularisation of the practice throughout the African continent and beyond.

In 90s New Orleans, the local "bounce" dancing scene gradually combined elements of mapouka and -what is now known as- Twerking emerged. Twerking had widespread appeal in black party culture throughout the hip-hop/rap scene.

TwerXout is a dance workout program that combines Twerk techniques & choreos in order to build coordination and dancing skills but also strength/cardio training.

This format acknowledges the history of twerk and its journey across various dance scenes, championed primarily by people of colour across the globe. It sees Twerk as a practice that is open to all genders and which queer people have often appropriated to subvert and confront highly queer-phobic and misogynistic spaces, such as the Reggaeton scene.
It is also sensitive to debates of cultural appropriation that arise within the competitive and private Twerk communities. If you wish to discuss, please reach out!

The workshop will consist of the following:
Twerk technique, improvisation exercises, floor work technique, slow/sensual twerk, choreo, video challenge and some surprise concepts around dance performance/ confidence building.

Limited to 15 participants.

Price: 30€
Registration and infos by email:

Everyone is welcome!

Influential twerk teachers and dancers' IG handles:

  • Imxluna : Socca/ Twerk 
  • Twerkgodq : Bounce/ Twerk . Lecturer and International twerk champion 
  • Kristina Marks : Creator of TwerXout 
  • Destiny Vaughan: Twerk champion Socca/ Bounce 
  • Ludmifariash : Reggaeton twerk (Argentina) 
  • Tinzeofficial: Twerk heels, she's one of the most influent artist in the scene and just released a book about twerking
  • Gabrielichka : Brega Funk (Brazil) dancer and Lecturer


Ort: Bewegungsraum in der Fabrique, 2. OG

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