Mantis Shrimp Punch

30. Mai 2024
19:00 -22:00 Uhr

Stoner Psychedelic Desert Rock, made in Hamburg. Coming in fast, hot and with raw power!
That’s the kind of music Mantis Shrimp Punch delivers: music with deep lyrics and a hefty rock punch.
Andy S. creates a raw and hard guitar sound with a fuzzy psychedelic feel. George S. adds his punchy impulsive groove in a powerful rhythmic way, in tandem with Nacho A. who supplies the powerful low harmonic bass register. The melodic voice of Konstantin S. F. completes the music: his driven spirit brings the lyrics to life.
Together, the Mantis Shrimp Punch perform burning rock with psychedelic colours. Their music was created to “punch” you out. Pow!

Jorgos Sarigeorgiou (Drums), Andreas Sarigeorgiou (Guitar), Nacho Arias Arjona (Bass), Konstantin Elias Schöffler-Fidelis (Vocals)

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