Institut X Rawr

23. Februar 2024 - 24. Februar 2024
23:00 -07:00 Uhr

...May we have never witnessed such a change for the Electronic dance music scene of hamburg. 

New Crews, new Parties, new People, new Places and a long awaited awakening in a combination of boundarie breaking and worshiping the Motherbeat. As a part of all this, INSTITUT and RAWR come together to celebrate their unity of change offering a big spec"d"rum of hq-dancemusic from heavy Bass to sizzling Acid to Dubby tech to facemelting electro  to wonky braindance to eternal trance to airy breakbeats to headsdown IDM and artefacts of a warmly welcoming junglism. 

12 Artists, 2 Floors, Visuals, High Energy and hopefully you, the dancer. 

Friday 230224, looking FWD!

Ivaldo Gino b2b Miata

DJ Fogbank



Rœt / Keflér b2b Martha Penelope

Ced Benglez



N:in b2b Christian Kluge

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