Vinka Katt

31. August 2018
22:00 -22:30 Uhr
Fabrique, Valentinskamp 34a, Zugang über Speckstrasse

There was a time.. when still people except for DJs and Promoter give a shit about an event text. and we got a no sexism disclaimer at least.

Here are the hard facts:
Soli für's Gängeviertel
RummsBumms im Keller mit den Katzen
Booty shaken oben

VINKA KATTs Techno basement

AT.AVEM b2b Lucinee



All Change Please

Action Replay Codes' Ghetto and Electro floor




DJ Memory Card

* if you feel harassed or discriminated or see other who are, please let us know. We want to create an environment where everyone feels fine and safe no matter your origin, sexuality, gender or skin color.

* no pictures, no videos

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