Emonautic Journey - Heartstrings (Liveperformance und Installation)

15. March 2024 - 17. March 2024
18:30 -22:00 Uhr

Eröffnung am 15.03. : 18.30 Uhr - kommt vorbei ihr Nachtschwärmer!
16./17.3. Schaufensterausstellung
Galerie LADONS
Valentinskamp 39

Emonautic Journey -  "Heartstrings"

In the echoes of a love that's gone, a heart pulsates with anger, sorrow, and indifference. Fantastical machines, intricate and mysterious, come to life, syncing with the rhythms of this emotional storm. These creations aren't mere instruments; they are conduits of feeling, transforming the tumultuous echoes of heartbreak into a harmonious experience. Every emotion, from the fiery pangs of anger to the hollow ache of indifference, finds its expression in this symphony of the soul. This is more than a journey; it's a transformation, turning the chaos of lost love into a melody of healing and understanding, guiding the heart from dissonance to a place of serenity and balance.

An Audiovisual Odyssey with Bob Drop and Jupiter Moll

Jupiter Moll -live Performance + Installation
bobdrop - Vinyl tone for the painfully alone - Schallplatten- jonglage
sowie Operationen am offenen Herzen zum Mit- und Nachmachen.
Defragmentierungs- und Herzschmelzgarant : Dachschadenverband Biesenthal

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