ZHU Rikun: Booklet of China’s underground film (part 1): No Desire to Hide (Screening + Post-screening Online Q&A )

21. September 2022
19:00 -22:00 Uhr

No Desire to Hide is Zhu Rikun's latest documentary work. The two central protagonists try to function in an open relationship, which suits only one of the partners, while the other suffers and longs for a family life. The possibility of emigrating to America is a hope, but it is gradually receding due to the worsening political situation. 

Dir.Rikun Zhu | Documentary | 91min | 2021 | EN Sub



Curator’s wordsIn Wenhai's book "Gaze of Exile: Witnessing Chinese Independent Documentary", ZHU Rikun is described as follows: "He is recognized in the circle as the 'handbook of China’s underground film ', ' you’d like to know something about Chinese underground film? Ask ZHU Rikun!'". Among the history of Chinese independent film that began in the early 1990s, Zhu is such an important existence that cannot be ignored at all stages.


Ort: Fabrique im Gängeviertel, Seminarraum (4. Stock), Valentinskamp 34A (Zugang von der Speckstraße)




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