Cumbia & Frequenz

04. December 2021 - 05. December 2021
23:00 -08:00 Uhr

Another pandemic year is coming to an end. Yet the vast musical universe follows course without obvious directions. We, as mere spectators are privileged to behold the sonorous megacosmos.

This session will combine the experience of Cumbia im Viertel and Urknall Frequenz. In one musical space cumbia will be transmitted as Cumbia im Viertel best knows: Cumbia for everybody but to anybody. Just as the street. In a separate room Urknall Frequenz will expose societal melodic memories collected from every corner of the planet in a slow yet explosive pace.

The coronavirus is still around and perhaps it will never fade away. Therefore we will follow the strict 2G + rules. Only vaccinated or recovered with an official negative test (of the same day) are allowed.

El Satánico Cumbion (Band)
Dr. Calavera
Dj NoSemos
*More coming soon*

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