"Cats and Dinosaurs" (SWE): Left wing swing live at Die Fabrique

29. October 2018
Fabrique, Valentinskamp 34a, Zugang über Speckstrasse

Back in Hamburg and with a brand new album, the one and only socialist and feminist swing collective Cats & Dinosaurs from Gothenburg, Sweden! They are coming to Die Fabriue im Gängeviertel as part of their THE SHAPE OF SWING TO COME RELEASE TOUR of Germany, and will play two sets of all original swing songs with political lyrics and punky attitude, combined with agitation in charming swenglish. Great for any style of dancing, do not miss it! This gig is also part of the release tour of their new album "The Shape of Swing to Come", their first album in English!

There will be two workshops: 1) for the total beginner who want to try out lindy hop dancing a crash course 2) for any one who is already dancing the lindy hop but want to try out or improve their queer lindy, that is dancing both leading and following and switching between the roles. 

20:00 - 22:30: SHOWTIME!
Two sets of radical swing with Cats & Dinosaurs! And in between the live music, DJ Miss Suzuki will be playing lindy hop dance music!

No pre-sale tickets.
Entry fee: Pay what you want, minimum 8€!

More info about the band in their own words:

"Cats & Dinosaurs is a socialist-feminist swing collective playing original lindyhop dance music with political lyrics in Swedish, AKA "the worlds most radical swingband". We mix the objectively best politics with the objectively best music. Result: dance party!!!!
Our feet are planted in the radical backwaters of the jazz and blues, but we threw out all the standards in favor of our own leftie-feminist songbook. Jazz was the punk of the twenties, and we want to honor the creativity and radicalism of the jazz pioneers by embracing their energy and attitude rather than copying them note for note.
We are also lindyhop dancers! This is the secret behind our perfect dance groove that will get every floor going, all while our subversive message slips into peoples subconscious like gleeming red silverfish."

Andreas Michalke, Jungle World says:

"Wir brauchen diese Band. Zum Tanzen und zum Reflektieren. Die Sitzmucke, die sich heutzutage Jazz schimpft, ist vielleicht tot. Diese progressive und zugleich traditionelle Musik aber ist quicklebendig.'"

'Ich bin immer noch ganz verzaubert. Gestern habe ich die Band entdeckt, von der ich immer geträumt habe. Das fünfköpfige feministische und sozialistische Kollektiv Cats & Dinosaurs aus Göteborg spielt Swing und Jazz für Lindy-Hopper, schreibt eigene Songs mit politischen Texten und singt auf Schwedisch.
Ihre Songs sind schön und eingängig, kein Rock, kein Punk, kein Pop, nichts verzweifelt Modernes ist zu hören und dennoch klingen ihre Songs mitreißender als alle aktuellen Trad-Jazz-Bands, die ich kenne.'

Listen here:



If you happen to speak swedish they have a podcast too:

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