Konzert: Olaf Rupp & John Hughes

24. November 2022
20:00 -23:59 Uhr

Einlass: 20:00 Konzertbegin: 20:30

Olaf Rupp : electric guitar John Hughes : double bass

Both Rupp and Hughes are staunch individualists on their respective instruments. Each plucks, strums, bows, picks, begs the strings to blend and carve out a dark sea of imagery. This is not music to be neatly shelved into that which exists, it is the other, unknown topography of the spirit world; where dreams fade into cohesive nonsense.   "Plursathn" reviews: >>Olaf Rupp and John Hughes... have prefaced their album Plursathn with an excerpt from a text by French poet Arthur Rimbaud. ... Plursathn, like Rimbaud’s poems, tends to be abrupt and acausal. There are small episodes, but no longer is there anything consistently narrative, hardly any chronology or logic. The only red thread running through the fabric of the individual pieces is the erratic associative power of the musicians, who indulge in an errant fantasy. ... Plursathn has almost nothing to do with rock, which is mainly due to Hughes' double bass, which rather pushes the music into a chamber music corner... A prime example of their music is “dezenbar“, the central piece on Plursathn. Short runs are juxtaposed with drones, from both guitar and bass, the players easily change sides. The whole construct of the piece is constantly shifting in intensity and focus. We hear colliding surfaces of low notes set against glass overtones and an almost infinite range of surface topologies. They fade in lost bass runs and reverberant feedback. Sound conceives the form when Rupp and Hughes scratch and rattle, echo and drone, just to give shape to something latent - transience, instability and changeability. They radiate energy in a surge of bowed resonance and sparkling string work, gradually revealing finer nuances and gradations. Rupp and Hughes use this for 17 minutes with amazing variety in a process of constant communication - they exchange, encourage and challenge each other.<< FREE JAZZ BLOG (Martin Schray)   Eintritt: Spende Ort: Jupi Bar im Gängeviertel | Caffamacherreihe 37-39 / Ecke Speckstrasse Web: https://audiosemantics.bandcamp.com/album/plursathn   Photo Credit: MS Stubnitz

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