21. Oktober 2022 - 29. Oktober 2022
19:00 -19:00 Uhr

Muzna Malik (Khawaja) and Randi Chalfin

The exhibition of the Swiss-Pakistani artist Muzna Malik (Khawaja) and the American
artist Randi Chalfin is inspired by place and spirituality. Muzna Malik is showing a fragile, expansive installation talking about notions of home and displacement. Randi Chalfin's bodies of work always cultivate abstract landscapes in a constant search for peace and beauty. In TIDES OF UNFOLDING, the artists come together to unfold a transnational dialogue.
Curation: Dagmar Rauwald

Vernissage: 21.10.2022 ab 19:00

Performance 20:00: Muzna Malik with music of Ali Raza

Öffnungszeiten: Freitag 21.10. bis Sonntag 29.10. 16:00 bis 19:00

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