26. Juni 2022
18:00 -23:00 Uhr

betweenEbbandFlow: interstitial spaces
curated by Giuliå Busætti
Performance und Vernissage im Zollo: 26. Juni 18:00
In her* words is a swimming-performance in the harbor. Recycled foils with written texts are pulled into the water and processed there into a floating sculpture. A floating object is created by the swimmers by wrapping the the color-coded plastic forms distributed on the water, a floating object is created - a jointly assembled queer meant body.
The partly readable texts reflect the Backlashes of freedom in pandemic time which affects mostly women* who refuse to be stereotyped, heteronormative attributions and women* who are affected by violence, displacement and poverty. Visitors can hear debating voices about female* freedom also via QR Code. When the fragments “swim together” a symbolic island emerges as a third space (H. Baba). It stands for words that are not said or not said loud enough.
In the artist-space Zollo the ceated object will be part of an exhibtion.
Zollo, Bullerdeich 6, 20537 Hamburg
Performance and Vernissage in Zollo: June 26th at 6 PM
With: Simone Karl, Dagmar Rauwald, Tuo Li and Sanziana Dobrovicescu #SimoneKarl #tuoli #sanzianadobruviescu

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