36 contactable lifeforms

07. Juli 2020 - 13. Juli 2020
Galerie LaDøns, Valentinskamp 39

Hello, I hope you are doing ok.

Do not think of us as a parasite, we can live together cooperatively. Our boundaries are being very intensely managed.

You’re actually hearing something a billion miles away. There’s no need to be alarmed.


“Scientists say most likely number of contactable alien civilisations is 36.” 

36 contactable lifeforms brings together three responses to a human-centric understanding of communication. 

A view through the lens of a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts, the imagined soundscape of an alien location, and the cooperative intentions of sugar-eating beings…  

What would the terms of communication look like if they were restructured to include unimaginable lifeforms?

Holly Hunter, Nina Kuttler and Emma Wilson

7th - 13th July, 24/7.

Galerie LaDöns

Valentinskamp 39

20355 Hamburg

Due to the coronavirus the gallery will remain closed during the exhibition. 

36 contactable lifeforms is continuously viewable through the window from the street.

The exhibition proposes the beginning of an online research collection available at https://36contactablelifef.wixsite.com/being.

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