18. Oktober 2019 - 20. Oktober 2019

18.10. Friday Vernissage 19:00

18.10. Friday 20:00 live performances by Isabelle Pead and Daniela Maria Geraci

19.10. Saturday 10:00 - 20:00 opening hours 

19.10. Saturday 12:00 - 20:00 durational video performance by Natalie Boos (live from Vienna with Rainer Ganahl)

20.10. Sunday 10:00 - 17:00 opening hours 

20.10. Sunday 12:00 talk with Dagmar Rauwald

Saturday + Sunday 11:00 open to public itinerary meeting to decide on daily schedule

Curated by Elfi Madeleine Carle
Invited and in cooperation with Dagmar Rauwald


In the tradition of artistic occupation being omnipresent at Gängeviertel, three female artists alongside a female curator will take over MOM Art Space. Within the duration of three days an experiment will be staged, occupying both the gallery space as well as pre-constructed exhibition standards that were designed to be applied to male-dominated practice. Within the logic of a Diorama setting spectators are invited to observe and partake in a discursive live-produced exhibition. Performative practices focusing on profane materials and their gendered ritualization aim to question superimposed material definitions and illuminate the recontextualization through performance in the gallery space, understanding Hamburg as a site-specific place for internationally acclaimed material iconography formation and practice.

Formed within an idea of transparent production, each day the artists will decide on different strategies to produce and redefine discourse and dialogue through participatory and collaborative practice, experimenting with presence and absence, sharing experiences and open conversation.



While working within various mediums such as painting and sculpture, identifying largely with the latter, Boos creates both performative and participatory installations, directly involving the exhibition space as an experimental medium and considering both collaboration and non-chronological documentation as primary materials of her practice within the idea of a living archive. 


Daniela Maria Geraci’s work is informed by the study of gesture, and the ways that the gesture can or cannot be recorded, translated, remembered, re-enacted and reconstructed. Through various digital, analogue and performative mediums, her body of work addresses issues of Sicilian diaspora, touching on displacement, and nostalgia of traditions passed through generations.


Isabelle Pead’s work explores the positions women hold as transformative beings and their actions of unseen labour. Through performance, sculpture and audio visual elements, this body of work observes and elevates repetitive domestic actions, specifically through the practice of preparing food and ritualistic cooking within the gallery space.

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