Enjoy Missunderstandings

22. Juni 2019 - 29. Juni 2019
MOM ART SPACE - Fabrique im Gängeviertel

Enjoy Missunderstandings


Vernissage : Freitag, 21. Juni 2019, ab 19 Uhr

Ausstellung : 22. Juni 2019 bis 29. Juni 2019 Öffnungszeiten : Mi bis So 15:00 bis 19:00 und nach Absprache

Finissage : Samstag, 29. Juni ab 19:00



The larger theme of our project involving Hamburg, Bremen, and Kobe is “Enjoy Misunderstanding”. Thisapplies to the idea that in any cultural exchange, meeting of people of different nationalities or backgrounds, or where any artistic expression is attempted there will unfailingly be misunderstandings. Yet rather than be fearful and limit interaction to avoid these misunderstandings, we feel they should be embraced. In the gaps where our views, thoughts or expressions don’t quite meet is where the true opportunities for growth andcreation can be found.

So with this larger theme in mind, we have chosen the title “BRING/ LEAVE/ TAKE” for our group exhibition at MOM Art Space. Both cities involved, Hamburg and Kobe, are port cities and have a long history of trade and exchange. Our title is based on the idea of a port city where goods/people/and ideas are brought and left while new things are taken away to other places to be spread around.

This applies to cultural exchanges between different art communities as well. The visiting artist brings something with them from their home, leaves something behind, and takes something back to their home.

The concept “BRING/ LEAVE/ TAKE” will also be applied in a physical sense, where the participating artists will bring material with them, take new materials from the local area and combine the two to create a new work to be left behind in Hamburg.

Also on a more abstract level, we will bring our way of thinking, leave impressions and shared experiences and take home knowledge and ideas that will change us and be spread once we return to Japan.

Project Details

BRING: Participating artists will bring artwork that represents their current practice to exhibit in the gallery space. Also, participating artists will collect materials of interest to them, either visually, sentimentally or culturally. Each artist currently lives in a separate part of Japan so the local context will be represented. Upon arriving in Hamburg the artists will reveal what material they have brought. These materials will be used to create a collaborative artwork.

TAKE: The Participating artists will gather material found locally (from the outdoors, shops, or anywhere) and this material will be combined with what has been

MOM ART SPACE IM GÄNGEVIERTEL Valentinskamp 34a, 20355 Hamburg

Juni 2019 Mom Art Space

brought from Japan. Because time is limited each artist will select material that catches their eye or stimulatesthem creatively resulting in a “first impression” feel to their choices. Some of these materials will be taken home by the artists to

LEAVE: Option 1) We will find a place to take our collaborative work so that it can be left in Hamburg.

Option 2) The work can be disassembled and the materials we have brought can be given to local artists to then use in their own work. This way the conversation started by our work can continue on in future works.

Supporter : FYuka Egami, Junichi Fujiwara, Tadashi Hattori, Takayuki Hirata, Hitoshi Hirota, Yoshihiro Isoshima, Mayumi Ito, Junko Kagawa, Tadashi Kaneyama, Shoko Kataoka, Yoshio Kato, Mitsuya Kimura, Aya Komori, Sumiko Kumagai, Mayu Kunihisa, Koichi Matsuda, Ryoichi Matsuo, Soyoko Noguchi, Haruko Ochiai, Yuko Ohno, Yasuhiko Okumura, Daniel Pierre, Kyoko Sakamoto, Ryosuke Shiina, Atsuko Shikata, Makoto Shimada, Tomoko Sugiyama, Kiyotaka Takamizawa, Tadashi Takeshima, JUN TAMBA, Satoru Tamura, Tsuneko Tanaka, Kenji Taoshita, Junichi Yagi, Hiroko Yumen, MUFG Bank Kobe Branch, Rock Field Co., Ltd.

See Saw Seeds: https://www.facebook.com/SeeSawSeeds/

MOM ART SPACE IM GÄNGEVIERTEL Valentinskamp 34a, 20355 Hamburg

Juni 2019 Mom Art Space

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