A three - way dialogue by InYoung Yeo

19. Oktober 2018 - 27. Oktober 2018
19:00 -23:30 Uhr
Galerie Speckstraße

'a three-way dialogue' starts with an artistic approach to researching contemporary communities within the concurrent realm of gentrification or 'regeneration' in Seoul. In an attempt to 'subjectify' and multiply the narratives of the people within, the project begins with a series of performance interviews in five communities in Seoul, Hamburg and Bhubaneswar. Selecting the three cities is an attempt to find parallels in their different scale, speed and population constantly moving and changing. Each city echoes each other's past, present and future. Hence the interviews are based on nine questions of the past, present and future of the timely, spatial and emotional aspects of transition.
In this exhibition, Yeo presents 3 videos of the interviews from 3 cities focusing on the complex layers of communities in relation to its various urban landscape, texture and circulation. Portraying interconnectivity between individual identity and sense of space and time, the videos show microresponses of the interviews on: how individuals identify oneself by responding with one's name and position in relation to others; various senses of space in defining the community as a 'home', 'playground', 'workplace'; and finally the complex coexisting sense of different time zones in the community in imagining its future.

Video Installation Rooms # 1,2,3  

Video: "a three-way dialogue: a performance interview" in Seoul, Hamburg, Bhubaneswar

As the initial stage of the project 'a three-way dialogue', a series of performance interviews take place in five communities in Seoul, Hamburg and Bhubaneswar. The three cities resonate parallels in their different scale, speed and population constantly moving and changing. Within public, indoor and outdoor gathering spaces of each community, 10 to 15 people from each community participate in the interviews with an installation, performer and a total of 9 questions. The Installation simplifies and recreates social structure; the performer, a local artist from the community performs the medium of translation; and the 9 questions of past, present and future decipher time and space. Each element interacts with each other in movement transitioning in different stages of flux: absorption, separation, transparency, reflection, simulation and assimilation.

'a three-way dialogue: a performance interview' creates a visual and verbal dialogue among the 50 interviews in 5 communities in 3 cities in 5 sequences of non-linear, 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional time and space of coincidences. The dialogues portray parallels, clashes, transitions and loops among them.

InYoung Yeo

(Performance: Jane Yoo; Sujit Kumar Mallik; Greta Granderath/ Video: Jong Wook Choi)

Archive Room: video and other photos and scripts

Video: "a cycling loop"

Architecture collective, N55/Till Wolfer; three performance artists, Sujit Kumar Mallik (India), Jane Yoo (Korea) and Greta Granderath (Germany) and a local bicycle community, Bike Party Seoul; together create temporal micro-communities in private and public spaces in Seoul.

Creating a geographical loop, the journey starts in a public space in a fifty year old market space in 'Haebangchon' to the public streets to a private parking lot of Goethe Institute and back to the public streets of Seoul to reach Dongdaemun Design Plaza returning back to the starting point, the market space and Space One.

N55/Till Wolfer's temporary inflatable structure creates an adaptable and open space. Three performance artists base their interactive and dialogical performances with the viewers on the interviews conducted in each of their communities in collaboration with InYoung Yeo. Bike Party Seoul joins to create a moving viewpoint and map the geographical loop. Together in scattered dialogues, they create temporal micro-communities in flux.

Performance I:
I start a dialogue of a market place that once was a very busy central public place of gathering.

Performance II:
I start a dialogue walking on the streets that will one day become a private commodity.

Performance III:
I start a dialogue connecting fractured words.

Directed by InYoung Yeo
Performance by Jane Yoo, Sujit Kumar Mallik, Greta Granderath
Bike Performance by Bike Party Seoul / Vincent Themba Liptrot
Installation by Till Wolfer/N55 "Co-"
Video by Jong Wook Choi, Eui Seok Seong, Felix Nybergh, Chanmin Jeong, Seunghui Sim

Vernissage: Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018 ab 19:00
Öffnungszeiten: 19. - 27. Oktober 2018
Freitag bis Samstag 16:00 bis 19:00


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