05. Januar 2018 - 06. Januar 2018
19:00 -23:00 Uhr
MOM ART SPACE - Fabrique im Gängeviertel

Vernissage : Freitag 5. Januar 2018 ab 19:00

Ausstellung : Samstag 6. Januar 2018, 15:00 -19:00

The uptick in vibrant popular discourse about impermanence & signs in an era increasingly defined by internet communication is not coincidental. While modified codes were already self-evident long before  the digital era, the unique features of the internet influence an ubiquitous and highly visible routine  in coding impermanent signals which are relevant to our life and communication.

mit: Zoë d'Hont, Nikita Kotliar, Ruben Mols, Franco D. Sosio, Clara Palmberger-Süße, Daniel Tebano, Xiyao Wang and Emma Wilson
Kuratiert von Dagmar Rauwald

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