An open art retrospective of the G20 summit

20. Juli 2017 - 21. Juli 2017
19:00 -23:00 Uhr
Galerie Speckstraße

An open art retrospective of the G20 summit

All artists are invited to show their art reflection on the G20 summit.

The art has the power to transform and to reflect on history.
That is the reason why the collective invites every artists to participate either in the analog or digital world.

Amongst others we will present the artists
Thomas Baldischwyler, Frau Kraushaar, Katja Ruge, Hanni Jokinen, Till F.E. Haupt, Malte Struck, Pitt Selma Sauerwein, Franziska Brodhun, Ilka Vogler, Wolfgang Oelze, Georg Kühn, Christine Ebeling, Carsten Rabe, Philip Cassirer…

At the opening we are happy to the music act
King Fehler aka Knarf Rellöm

Opening 19:10
Location Speckstrasse 83-87 / Gängeviertel
Friday Opening: 16:00 to 20:00

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