Ausstellung: Timothy Bartlett "Discovering City Life"

11. Februar 2017
12:00 -20:00 Uhr







Exploring is what makes living interesting.

Sometimes we need a moment to look around and see whats out there. People live diffrent lives and have diffrent ways of comunicating.

The City blends the a huge diversity into storys which make the diffrence.

Dont forget to leave your comfort-zones sometimes.“

Timothy Bartlett, does not act or look like an 15 year old boy.

He moved from Moscow to Hamburg 2 Years ago with his Family and is currently studying at Hamburg International School.

For his young age he had the possibility to discover many places of the world- recently the Gängeviertel which he found during one of his city walks.

The place, which first seemd somehow creepy, turned to be out quite intresting.

And directed him to the chance of sharing his experiences he gained in Hamburg with an exhibition of his photos.

Saturday the 11.02.2017


Fabrique im Gängeviertel

Seminarraum 4th Floor

Valentinskamp 34a

Entrance via Speckstraße/Backyard


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