THE PAU (Polen) + Konstantin Unwohl

25. März 2018

Gängeviertel, 25. März

THE PAU (Poland) - one-woman post-punk
Konstantin Unwohl (Hamburg) - one-man electronic/dance


that's my musical project. My name is Paulina. I was born in January. 31st. I lived in the north. Then south.
And now north again. I play the guitar. I play because I like it. I've released an album some time ago. Two copies. While i
was in primary school. Maybe earlier. As I grew up I wrote lyrics with Janek Ptak and started to perform concerts in
January 2015. I played only with my guitar, accompanied by beats from my phone. I played dozens of concerts in
Poland. One gig I've canceled. After one I lost my shoe. THE PAU's music is guitar riffs and broken rhythms. Sometimes
harder, sometimes softer.


Konstantin Unwohl 




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