Mixed Chromosome

23. Februar 2018 - 03. März 2018
19:00 -23:00 Uhr
MOM ART SPACE - Fabrique im Gängeviertel

Vernissage: 23.2.2018


Ausstellung:24.2.2018 bis 3.3.2018

Öfnungszeiten: Do-Sa 17-20h


Curator: AviLubin


Participants: Guy Aon, Karam Natour, Jacqueline Pearl and Tomer Sapir


Twins appear in many mythologies of different cultures. Some are a sign of auspicious and some are a sign of ominous; some are recognized with creation and some with catastrophe and destruction. Many times, they are both at the same time.


In Roman Mythology it was Romulus and Remus, whose story tells the events that led to the foundation of the city of Rome and the Roman kingdom, but also to the killing of Remus by his brother. In the bible - Jacob and Esau who were born of prophecy to be the predecessors of two nations of people at war with one another. Jacob became a metonym for Israel. Esau a metonym for Edom.Some argue that Cainand Abel were also twins, thus attributing twinness the first murder when Cain kills his brother Abel in a fit of angry jealousy. 


In Xingu mythology of Brazil, the twin brothers Kuat and Iaelived in eternal darkness before the world was created. After forcing the evil king Urubutsinto give light to the world, Kuat became the sun and Iae the moon. In Greek mythology, Apollo and Artemis are twins, born by the king of the gods Zeus and Leto, a daughter of the Titans. Like Kuat and Iae,Apollo among others is the god of sun and light while Artemis - the moon goddess.


This exhibition includes three projects that are dealing with biographical, political and mythical questions about twins.


Jacqueline Pearl and Guy Aon created an “Autobiographical Fairy Tale”, using puppet theater and paper cut-outs. They tell the story of Isaac Baum, Guy’s grandfather and one of Josef Mengele’s twins. After the warhe immigrated to Israel and worked at the Dead Sea. The theatrical “Fairy Tale” takes place in frame of a 19th century engraving of Wieliczka Salt Mines. The work tells a story of a journey between two salty realms: Wieliczka Salt Mines and the Dead Sea.


As part of his exhibition ”Ministry of Information” at Beit Hankin Museum, Tomer Sapir created his own death-mask, made of plaster. He placed it at the center of the exhibition, his body a mound of soil taken from the heaps of earth used to build the renewed train tracks of the Jezreel Valley.Roots of the communal orchard that was uprooted in Yehoshuavillage at the time are placed on the floor, as a preparation for the artist burning himself at the stake.The exhibition also includeda video art documenting the artist and his twin children releasing the death mask from its mold.


Heat in My Head by KaramNatouris asingle channel video work that presents 11 different situations. The video shows the banality and the complexity of the relationship between the artist, his widowed mother, and his twin brother in their hometown Shefa-'Amr. Some of the dialogues in the work deal with the absence of the father in the family. Some with the Arabic language. The work is based on questions related to notions of intimacy, absence, and humor.

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