DJ HVAD / KID KISHORE (CPH, Denmark), MANGULICA FM (HH/ Belgrade, Serbia)

15. Juni 2013
20:00 -23:00 Uhr

DJ HVAD / KID KISHORE (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Once upon a time there was a house on Jagtvej 96 in Copenhagen that a lot of people found really important. The politicians didn't find the house important. The house in not there anymore. 

DJ HVAD / KID KISHORE was the soundtrack when the streets of Copenhagen were burning at the time when Ungdomshuset was evicted in 2007. With his Indian background he became the story of a migrant kid coming out of the ghetto with full power and spitting the danish racist system in the face, mocking danish culture, authorities and the established music scene.

He performed in a danish police uniform with the national flag and zwastikas in the background (NB. Which is still a part of his visuals!) and became hip-hip-hip in the copenhagen underground. On national danish television he performed completely stoned telling how he changed his myspace-name to Trentemøller and outraged a lot of rich kids college students expecting nice hip electronica. 

What they got was instead what DJ HVAD / KID KISHORE himself calls "perker-tech" ("Perker" = a racist expression in Danish for people with middle eastern background) He mixes Indian bollywood, Danish Schlager and old songs with dirty electro-trash and hip-hop.

Gängeviertel proudly presents DJ HVAD (Translates: DJ WHAT).

Listen and watch:

MANGULICA FM (Hamburg/Belgrade, Serbia)

Mangulica is the only surviving Serbian breed of domesticated pig. Other two, Šiška and Šumadinka died out. A breed, also known as “woolen pig”, due to its good qualities, is considered “noble”, but it almost died out in the 1980s. Its fat has up to 80 % cholesterol and triglycerides less than a common, white pig. In 1998 Mangulica was introduced in Zasavica, but unlike Podolian cattle, they are left to roam free in the reservation, becoming feral since then. A cases of breeding with wild boar are known.

Mangulica FM is a project of Belgrade-based musician Luka Papić. He visited Gängeviertel last year, where he gave a terrific concert at the BEOGRAD UNDERGROUND event. Luka Papić is the head of the label Over9000, dedicated to supporting the Serbian music and art scene. MangulicaFM is cruising the abstract landscape of dub and instrumental hip-hop that is drawing heavily from ex-yugo folk. The EP is composed of samples of “Serbian, Macedonian and Bosnian ethno and folk with a few samples from roots reggae records and one or two from american 50s rock” in order to create something that Mangulica describes as Gogol/Chagall atmosphere: an almost nostalgic feeling for countryside magic mixed-up with contemporary urban sound.

Listen and watch:

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