Cabaret Eggstacy

14. September 2017
19:00 -22:00 Uhr

A cabaret night based on Octavia Butler's short story "Bloodchild". Lectures and performances by Marvin Moises Almaraz Dosal, Fabio Cirillo, Elena Malzev, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger and Alison Yip.

"The botfly lays its eggs in wounds left by the bites of other insects. I found the idea of a maggot living and growing under my skin, eating my flesh as it grew, to be so intolerable, so terrifying that I didn’t know how I could stand it if it happened to me. To make matters worse, all that I heard and read advised botfly victims not to try to get rid of their maggot passengers until they got back home to the United States and were able to go to a doctor—or until the fly finished the larval part of its growth cycle, crawled out of its host, and flew away.

The problem was to do what would seem to be the normal thing, to squeeze out the maggot and throw it away, was to invite infection. The maggot becomes literally attached to its host and leaves part of itself behind, broken off, if it’s squeezed or cut out. Of course, the part left behind dies and rots, causing infection. Lovely."

Octavia Butler's afterword on her short story "Bloodchild", 1995

In her books and short stories, Octavia Butler transforms common science fiction forms like time travel, space exploration, alien encounters and vampires, into tools to challenge deeply internalized social norms like white supremacy, patriarchy, heteronormativity, monogamy, human exceptionalism and capitalism.

Cabaret Eggstacy stages our current reactions to the ongoing political events and the nondeniable global warming, Octavia Butler's "Bloodchild" becomes the medium. Cabaret Eggstacy — a night full of splendor! When worlds collide, species meet and interpenetrate.

Thursday, September 14, Doors 19:00, Begins 19:37
mom art space, Valentinskamp 34a, via Speckstraße, 20355 Hamburg

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